It is not our desire to surprise any potential client. We therefore publish our fee schedule here. This assures both you and us that when we first meet to discuss a potential engagement, we can immediately discuss your specific needs and determine if we are the right consulting choice for you. There is never a charge for this first meeting.


Large projects are generally negotiated and budgeted* per contractual arrangements. However, all clients are billed on an hourly basis.

Should you have any questions please contact us using the information found at the bottom of this page.

Professional consultations and services:

Senior Consultants                          $195.00/hour

Associate Consultants                       $95.00/hour

Technical Assistants                          $55.00/hour

Secretarial Assistants                        $35.00/hour

Local travel time, out                        Rates as indicated

Local travel time, return                   No charge

Expedited services, add 25%

Inter city travel (less expenses) billed at 10 hours per day (minimum)

All other out-of-pocket expenses      Cost plus 15%

There is no charge for the first three telephone and/or email consultations per week requiring less than fifteen minutes in total.

All chargeable time is billed in quarter hour units

*Unless otherwise agreed upon, all estimates presented in GCG proposals are for budgetary purposes only and are not fixed-sum bids. Active clients are notified when 75% of any budget figure is reached.

Budget estimates are never exceeded without prior authorization from the client.

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